People of all ages often find there is an area of their smile they would like to perfect. Whether it is a cavity or unsightly filling, or a broken or chipped tooth, these issues can cause normally confident people to shy away from public speaking or social situations, therefore limiting quality of life.

An increase in popularity for cosmetic dentistry in recent years – possibly spurred through a high number of celebrities seeking this treatment – has meant that members of the public no longer have to worry about an unattractive set of pearly whites as they are able to achieve their perfect teeth

Similar to other methods, dental bonding is a technique that has been utilised in this area of dentistry for many years and can completely transform your smile with a single visit to a dental professional.

During this process, Dr A R Nadjafi will skilfully use the correct quantity and colour of the composite substance – a mouldable material with a paste-like consistency that is produced from acrylic resins and a number of fillers – to resolve a number of oral issues.

These include:

  • Filling dental cavities
  • Replacing traditional metal fillings
  • Closing gaps between pearly whites
  • Reshaping teeth
  • Repairing chipped and broken areas
  • Carrying out a smile makeover through the addition of composite veneers

Here at the Aesthetic Dental Zone we will do our upmost best to find the treatment that suits your needs at affordable prices.


Aesthetic Dental Zone Smile Design

Aesthetic Dental Zone Comp Bonding

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