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“In just 3 months to a year”
With safety in mind, Fixed Appliances® Technology was developed to straighten teeth differently allowing for a fast, safe and affordable solution. Here at the Aesthetic Dental Zone in London, we are one of the first practices to introduce this phenomenal breakthrough for virtually pain free, affordable orthodontic treatment, within a warm, relaxed, friendly environment, performed by Dr A R Nadjafi.

Fixed Appliances® Technology in London allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final positions from the beginning of treatment by torqueing them from the very first appointment. Patients can now get results often with less sensitivity, in about a year, and in some cases, just a few months. It has been developed and tested over the past 20 years and is now becoming available in countries around the world. Fixed Appliances® Technology in London is fast, safe, easy and affordable treatment that comes with a lifetime satisfaction commitment from the doctor providers. With the patented triangular design of the braces, cutting edge techniques and a special heat-activated wire, this new technology is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics.

Braces for Adults
Hearing the words “you need braces” can send some people into a battle of insecurity. You’re trying to be a grown-up, but you feel like a teenager again. When they are wearing adult braces, some people are afraid to speak up during a business meeting or enjoy the adventure of a first date. As frightening as it may be, Fixed Appliances® Technology in London, could be the fastest, most affordable and best alternative for you and can give you the advantage of a quick, permanent solution.

Braces for Children
Misaligned teeth or a dysfunctional bite can be a problem for some children. While this can complicate their oral hygiene, the additional pressures of being a kid can affect their day to day mood, attitude and self-confidence. Fortunately, with the Fixed Appliances® Technology in London, children can receive quick orthodontic treatment with minimum discomfort and a lifetime satisfaction commitment.

Dr A R Nadjafi has a vast number of years’ experience, treating children. With his calm nature and interpersonal skills in treating children, you won’t be disappointed in choosing the Aesthetic Dental Zone for your children’s Orthodontic Treatment, all at affordable prices in the heart of London.

Fast Results, Clear Options

The new and amazing Fixed Appliances®Clear ceramic bracket offers the same advantages of moving teeth as the Fixed Appliances® metal brackets with the added benefit of an aesthetic and totally cosmetic solution. Available in early 2013, Fixed Appliances®ClearTM will dazzle you with its performance.

Fantastic Results
Get Fantastic results with less time and less discomfort

Full Orthodontic Treatment in just under 10 Months!


One our friendly receptionist will be happy to help you with any queries. If you wish to make an appointment for a consultation, please call 020 8299 1334 and will be happy to assist you.

All procedures here at the Aesthetic Dental Zone are carried out by Dr A R Nadjafi within a warm, friendly, relaxed environment with a choice of either watching a DVD of your choice or listening to some relaxing music of your choice whilst your treatment is performed.

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