Here at the Aesthetic Dental Zone, we offer smile designs to all patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth.

This process ensures that patients will receive a custom-made smile that is specifically designed to suit their needs with the best possible cosmetic results and is achieved through using technological advancements.

During the initial visit, prospective patients will discuss the size, shape and position of their teeth, as well as have their facial features assessed by an experienced dentist to ensure they will look their best following the smile makeover procedure

Your dental practitioner will take a number of factors into account when carrying out Smile Design, such as the shape of the jaw, position of the eyes and the width of the mouth.

Tooth length, width, shape and relative proportions of each tooth play a considerable role in the process of carrying out a smile makeover to improve the quality of life for patients.

After making sure that patients are happy with their Smile Design plan, the dentist and the cosmetic laboratory technician will endeavour to create the agreed smile using porcelain veneers. Below you can find case’s we have worked on here at Aesthetic Dental Zone

Case 1 (Refer to image’s below)

This lovely patient attended Aesthetic Dental Zone for a Smile Makeover.  She had suffered an unfortunate accident which caused devastating trauma to her upper front teeth.

As you can see from the images it was very traumatising for her at such a young age to have damaged her front teeth this way.

Prior to attending our practice, she had visited two different dental clinics for assessments. They provided her with the following options;

CLINIC 1: Extraction of all 3 front teeth and after 6 months Implant’s to be placed

CLINIC 2: Extraction of all 3 front teeth and then an immediate denture

She was devastated at the thought of the options provided to her. A friend recommended us, we organised a fully comprehensive examination and carried out all X-Rays and an OPG. Following the results we were very happy to explain that with extensive Root Canal Treatment and temporary veneers we would be able to permanently restore her teeth!

Allowing a period of approximately two months after the Root Canal Treatment we were able to fit her fully porcelain permanent veneers.

This incredibly brave and lovely lady is extremely happy with the outcome and we are so pleased we were able to help her smile proudly.

Here at Aesthetic Dental Zone we strive to provide only the best treatment for all of our patients.

‘Creating Beautiful Smiles’ – ADZ

Aesthetic Dental Zone Smile

If you would like to make a Smile Design consultation, please call 020 8299 1434 and a member of our friendly reception team will be happy to help you.

Alternatively you can email us at:

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Aesthetic Dental Zone Smile Design